4th International conference on Green Technologies in Power Generation, Communication and Instrumentation-ICGPC2017

About ICGPC17

The 4th International conference is being held at the St.Peters Institute of Higher education and Research,in association with Scientific Communications Research Academy.The objective of ICGPC2017 is to utilize the scientific, technical, educational and research potential of the Green Technology community to contribute to a sustainable future. Green technology has been one of the most important issues in developing networking techniques and communication systems. Energy-efficient techniques used in networking and computing have recently received considerable attention. Green technologies foster environmental sustainability and the economics of energy efficiency. Reducing the energy consumption of computing and communication infrastructure in home, enterprise, and data centre environments by power-efficient technologies is an area of increasing importance for researchers, Industry and commercial entities.

The important key issues of Green technologies are related to energy efficiency in computing and promoting environmentally friendly computer technologies and systems. Green networking technologies play a significant role in reducing energy consumption in terms of connecting energy-efficient networked equipment’s for a variety of applications, computing frameworks, and communication environments. The goal of this Third International conference on “Green technologies in power generation, Communication and Instrumentation-2017” is to explore the research and development of green technologies for wireless communications, mobile computing and Power Generation.

Since 2013 this conference has brought engineers, researchers, technical experts and non-governmental organizations together creating a community of mineral professionals who evaluate the challenges of implementing sustainable practices in the Green Technologies.

Organizing Committee


       Dr. T. Bhanumathi, Chancellor.


        Dr.S.Ravi Chandran, Vice Chancellor.


      Prof. Dr. G. P. Ramesh, HOD/ECE


Mrs. T.Anne Ramya ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
Mr.   E.Madhan Kumar, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
Mrs. R.Gomathi ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
Mrs. D.Linett Sophia, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
Technical Committee:
1.Dr.S.Gomathinayagam, Director General, CWET.
2.Dr. D. S. Ramachandra Murthy, Director R&D, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
3.Dr.S.Gunasekaran,Dean R&D, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
4.Prof.Dr.Selvan, Principal, St. Peter’s College Of Engineering And Technology,Chennai.
5.Prof.Dr.Rani Hemamalini, St. Peter’s College Of Engineering And Technology, Chennai.
6.Dr.V.Amudha, Professor, St. Peter’s College Of Engineering And Technology, Chennai.
7.Dr.V.Prasad Rao, Professor, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
8.Prof.Dr.B.Venkataramani, Dean R&D, NIT, Tiruchirapalli.
9.Prof.Dr.V.Kamakoti, IITM, Chennai.
10.Prof.Dr.Selvajothi, IIITDM, Chennai.
11.Prof.Dr.Noormohammed, IIITDM, Chennai.
12.Prof.Ms.M.Vetriselvi, Scientist, CDAC, Noida.
13.Prof.Dr.N.Seetharaman, CVRDE, Avadi, Chennai.
14.Prof.Dr.T.Kalpalatha Reddy, Dean ECE, SKR Engineering College.
15.Dr.R.Dhanasekaran, Dean R & D, Syed Ammal Engineering College.
16.Prof.Dr.N.Gangatharan, ECE, RMK Eng. College, Chennai.
17.Prof.Dr.L. Rajaji Loganathan, Principal, ARM Engineering College.
18.Prof.Dr.P.Subbiah, Principal, Women’s Engineering College, Kadappa.
19.Dr.E.Logashanmugam, Head ECE, Sathyabama University.
20.Dr.B.Prasanalakshmi,HOD/CSE,Professional Group of Institutions,Coimbatore.
21.Dr.Suresh A Kartha, Ass Prof, SA Engineering College.
22.Dr.M.Manikandan Prof. ECE, MIT Campus, Anna University
23.Dr.N.R.Shanker Prof. ECE, AMS Engineering College.
24.Prof.Dr.Viswanatha Rao, Swarnandra College Of Engineering, Sitarampuram.
25.Dr.N.R.Shanker Prof. ECE, AMS Engineering College.
26.Prof.Dr.Joseph Hendry, Veltech University, Chennai.
27.Prof.Mr.N.Krishnamurthy, Director Operations, Aakarshana TekPro Pvt Ltd, Chennai.
28.Dr.C.Kamala Kannan, Head EEE, Rajalaskshmi Engineering College.
29. Dr.Kannan Thangavelu, Jeppiar Engineering College.
30.Dr.D.Kirubakaran, Head EEE, St.Joshep’s Engineering College.
31.Dr.R.Raj Kamal, Prof EEE, Vel Tech Multi Tech Engineering College.
32.Dr.N.Kirubanandasarathy, Prof.ECE, SAEC, India.

1.Prof. Dr. Wisam Al Azzo, Dhofar University, Sultanate of Oman.
2.Prof. Dr. M. Murugappan, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.
3.Prof.Dr. Ishak, Aris University Putra, Malaysia.
4.Prof.Dr. Won Yee van, University of Nottingham, Malaysia.
5.Prof.Dr. Rajprasad Rajkumar, University of Nottingham, Malaysia.
6.Prof.Dr. Paulraj M P-Associate, University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.
7.Prof.Dr. Chockalingam Aravind, Vaithilingam Taylor’s University, Malaysia.
8.Prof.Dr. Kandasamy Pirapaharan, Guinea University of Technology,New Guinea.
9.Prof.Dr. PRP Hoole, Guinea University of Technology, New Guinea.
10.Prof.Dr. Raja Nor Firdaus, University Teknical Malaysia, Malaysia.
11.Dr.Chitti Babu Baladhandautham,VŠB–Technical University of Ostrava,Czech Republic.

1.Mrs. P.Saradha, ECE, St.Peter’s University,Chennai
2.R.Ranjudha, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
3.Prof. B.Shanmugham, EEE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
4.Mrs. M.Vasugi, EEE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
5.Mr. S.Saravanan, EEE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
6.Ms. M.Preethi, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
7.Prof. A.Rajan, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
8.Prof. A.Jaffer Ali, ECE St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
9.Prof. M.Bindhu, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
10.Mr. R.Dinesh, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
11.Mr. C.K.Kishore, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
12.Ms. Angeline M Flashy, ECE, St. Peter’s University, Chennai.

Call For Paper

Emerging Technologists, Scientists, Professionals and Research scholars are invited to present their original work, findings and experience as technical papers in the conference under the below mentioned sub themes.

The conference includes the following scope. The works within the scope are acceptable for the presentation in the conference.

Topics on interest :

1. Energy efficiency in wireless networks
2. Energy efficiency in vehicular networks
3. Energy efficiency in secure networks
4. Green transmission technologies and network protocols
5. Green optical communications, switching and networking
6. Use of cognitive principles to reduce energy and/or resource consumption in wireline or
wireless networks
7. Low cost, energy-efficient antenna and RF designs
8. Green sustainable storage and cloud computing
9. Mitigation of electromagnetic pollution
10. Communication technologies for industrial processes
11. Communication technologies for green buildings
12. Communication technologies for energy harvesting
13. Modelling and analysis for green communications and computing
14. Geothermal energy
15. Hydraulic energy
16. Hydrogen energy
17. Solar energy
18. Wind energy
19. Soft computing for power reduction in networks
20. Alternative and hybrid energy systems 7. Alternative and hybrid energy systems
21. Electromagnetic compatibility and mitigation of electromagnetic interference
22. Electricity Production, Distribution and Power Quality
23. Environmentally friendly energy technologies
24. Fossil Fuels Green power production and co generation
25. Advanced metering infrastructure and smart meter technologies
26. Smart grid system and architecture
27. Mic 14. Micro and macro grids
28.Advance in instrumentation systems
29.Computational electromagnetic and EMC
30.Instrumentation design engineering
32.Virtual Instrumentation
33.Intelligent Controller
34.Process control
35.Recent developments in automation /control

– Not Limiting to the above topics…

Further Details: