International Conference on Integration of STEM Education and Mental Health-ICISEM16


About ICISEM16

The ICISEM16 conference seeks to create a platform to discuss how to converse everyone’s well-being in STEM education and providing audience with some suggestions for the ways to improve well-being of students that are behavior-focused. This conference is organized by Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education in association with the University of South Dakota,Vermillion, SD 57069. The university may be interested in improving well-being of its STEM students at the university to help them do their best work. Helping STEM students manage their well-being for better academic engagement and success can start with an open dialogue in the safe, comfortable environment. Well-being is not only about mental health but also about other many things such as physical and psychological resiliency, happiness, healthy coping mechanisms, and collaboration. In 2014, the Graduate Division during the Spring semester of 2014 at the University of California at Berkley administered a survey on its graduate students at the university designed to assess basic human needs, academic progress, departmental climate,as well as demographic information. To explore how these factors satisfaction with life as an indicator of happiness and illness and dysfunction. Analysis of the Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering and “Other Professional” scored as depressed. Although this single case may not be able to capture the whole picture of STEM students in varying parts of the world including India, the finding must not be overlooked but call for attention.